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The motto on the modern version of the coat of arms, Splendor Sine Occasu, means splendor without diminishment. The crest is bordered by an elk and a bighorn sheep, with the elk representing Vancouver Island. Flag known as an armorial banner and featuring the sun and Union flag that was first used in London, likely around the time of King George V’s coronation in 1911.

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cheap oakleys Bula (pronounced Boo lah) is the national greeting. Wherever you go, locals will holler Bula in welcome. Its literal meaning is “life,” and means anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. Manage your account settings.My AccountView the E NewspaperView your Insider deals and moreFour days after a police officer fatally shot an armed man, leading to a violent disturbance in the Sherman Park neighborhood, the video captured by the officer’s body camera has not yet been released.And there’s no indication it will be any time soon.Law enforcement officials’ refusal to publicly release the footage is fueling speculation among residents and activists that it must not show what Police Chief Edward Flynn said it does: Sylville Smith, 23, turning toward officer Dominique Heaggan with a gun in his hand. That speculation exemplifies the differing perspectives toward police,often determined by race, in Milwaukee.”Because the video has not been released yet, there’s a belief that it’s going to show that this officer was wrong and they’re trying to alter this video somehow, someway,” said Shawn Moore, an activist who helped found the Safe Zones initiative, which works to interrupt violence in the city. A spokesman did not answer a question about whether Heaggan viewed the body camera footage before being interviewed.Until the publicsees footage proving Smith was pointing a gun at the officer, they won’t believe it, said community activist Tory Lowe.Some black residentsalready are suspicious; Wauwatosa police have not publicly released the video of the fatal police shooting of Jay Anderson two months ago.If the Smith footage “comes back and people find out they’re trying to twist it, it will create a huge problem between the streets and police,” Lowe said.Others expressed frustration with Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett for describing the video Barrett said he saw only a still frame without releasing it.”Even without the body camera, the chief and the mayor did their press conference,” said Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot and killed by a Milwaukee officer in 2014.Chris Ahmuty, executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin, also requested more transparency from the Justice Department https://www.myfakeoakleysunglasses.com/, noting that Flynn “has already expressed conclusions drawn from a video the public has not been allowed to see.”At that news conference on Sunday, Flynn said he believed the “modern record” for releasing such footage was set by Chicago police this month when they released video clips within a week of the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager cheap oakleys.

Middle Managers : Work force: Action affects 40 in Cypress, 10 in regional offices. Official says layoffs are a result of a corporate reorganization. But start planning early. It had a sturdier steel tube construction in the fuselage, an uprated O 15 3 engine driving a single propeller, no landing gear, and modified equipment. The OQ 3 could achieve a speed of 165 km/h (102 mph). Navy variant was designated TDD 2, and Radioplane and Frankfort eventually built a total of about 9400 examples of this drone.

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Mortenson, Elizabeth K. Richmond, of Bear Lake; Alison A. Lampman, of Bellaire; Zachary I. Still tough to beat. Decade later, people continue to ask Oakley about winning the Senior British Open. And he continues to smile at the memory.. You are trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a sunken ship, flailing around in desperation.” In response, the dancers lift, hurl, and scurry over one another, interspersing their frenetic maneuvers with flashes of ballet. It’s an unsettling (and fascinating) amalgam of styles like watching a classical pas de deux being invaded by Marine training maneuvers. replica oakley sunglasses While the shipwreck story is never literally told, the four performers (Thorson, Johnson, Penelope Freeh, and Mary Ann Bradley) clearly coexist in an extreme environment where they are usually either lurching out of control or obsessively manipulating one another in inventive feats of acrobatic partnering..

fake oakley sunglasses The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates it would cost at least $7,000 to equip just one bus with belts.After the school bus crash in Chattanooga, Metro Schools released a statement saying why they haven’t used seat belts in the past.They said it would be hard to make sure all students wear them, and in a crash, it might be difficult for one bus driver to get dozens of children out of their belts and off of the bus. But now say they are certainly willing to have the discussion.Davidson County deputy resigns after arrest in GoodlettsvilleDavidson County deputy resigns after arrest in GoodlettsvilleUpdated: Friday, December 9 2016 7:00 AM EST2016 12 09 12:00:30 GMTBrent Michael Kreider (Source: Metro Nashville PD)According to an affidavit, Deputy Brent Kreider fired three shots at a car after a woman allegedly tried to steal $150 from him on Dec. 5.According to an affidavit, Deputy Brent Kreider fired three shots at a car after a woman allegedly tried to steal $150 from him on Dec. fake oakley sunglasses

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Hinesburg Officer Anthony Cambridge said he addressed at least five incidents with Marshall, several of which he witnessed while off duty. Marshall received tickets only for defective equipment, including one related to the front license plate and another for noisy exhaust. The first incident happened last year while Cambridge was off duty, and Cambridge said he notified dispatch.

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Yes, if love is measured by the amount of time you put into Barbie hair detangler recipes and hand sewing baby dresses out of pillowcases, then mothers are the most loving mothers of all. No matter what your picture of domestic perfection is, it doesn’t hold a candle to these ladies. Hey, did your parents ever make your Halloween costumes? Not if you grew up in the ’80s.

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Fort Lauderdale attorney Jeffrey N. Immigration agency has determined that children born to a Cuban parent qualified, even if they never spent a day on the island. Emilio Gonzlez, the nation’s former top immigration official, said the act “doesn’t talk about Cubans born in Cuba, Cubans born in third countries, Cubans born on a boat.

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