Out of all the nations and squads that are competing for their spot in the 2016 Euro’s, Germany was expected to be one of the squads that would qualify without facing much difficulty as they are the current champions of the world after winning the 2014 World Cup in a very convincing fashion.

Germany conceded 4 goals and scored 18 goals during their campaign in the 2014 World Cup, it was a very impressive and convincing series of performances from the German squad but they have recently been struggling trying to add points in their group for the 2016 Euro’s which is going to be hosted by France.

Poland snatched a surprising victory over Germany on October 11 and 3 days later Germany had to settle with a 1-1 draw against Republic of Ireland.

The team of Joachim Low is currently located in the 4th spot of Group D having collected a total of 4 points from 3 matches. Poland and Republic of Ireland are ahead of the German squad as they have gathered 7 points.

There still are 7 more matches left to be played which is more than enough for Germany to pick themselves up and start performing like they were a few months ago when playing in Brazil as they claimed the World Cup trophy.

The latest qualifying match that Germany played was against Republic of Ireland and a goal from Toni Kroos at the 71st minute gave the hosts the lead. The match was ticking down its last few minutes and just when it seemed like Germany was going to claim the victory and all 3 points then at the 94th minute John O’Shea scored the equalizer which ended the match on a draw.

Joachim Low took the chance to express his disappointment as he witnessed his squad not being able to hang on to their lead and had to settle with a draw against the Irish team.

“We are all disappointed. In the last minute we were too naive to have long balls only hyped forward, we didn’t hold the ball and lost the balls.  Overall, it was a difficult game, we had to be patient. In the first half our game was missing width and depth we have it easy for the Irish to defend’’ Low told reporters.

Even with these recent underwhelming performances Germany is still heavy favorites on securing a top spot in Group D and qualify into the 2016 Euro’s.