22 thoughts on “Germany Football / Deutschland Fussball – Marchin On (FIFA World Cup 2010)

  1. You do know that this song was the official theme of the German team for
    the 2010 World Cup right?

  2. Love this!! Germany were in my opinion the most enjoyable team to watch at
    the World Cup, although I was supporting Spain, Germany really were
    excellent 🙂

  3. Respond to this video… @iamasocceraddict I know it’s probably not you
    thing, but do you think you could make a video like this but like a tribute
    to America’s Workforce, Coastguards, USMC, etc. Fallen Soldiers & Thanks to
    veterans? Like a tribute? I would myself but I have no idea how to. =( just
    an idea 4 a video/tribute/picture montage.

  4. @iamasocceraddict haha, indeed 😉 but i wasn’t just supporting Spain
    because of him, that would be ridiculous! I love the whole team, they’re
    very skilled players and I love the style of Spanish football 🙂 xx

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