16 thoughts on “World War Truce: Britain vs. Germany Christmas Football Match | Fox Sports Rise As One Series

  1. music or sports at least they stopped killing each other for a
    moment……. sad that they still continued.

  2. Lies!! the power of music make them stop shooting. The Germans started
    singing a christmas carol, the brits followed and they got together
    including the frenchies to excahnge gifts, they had a Mass and played

  3. Im not hating im just sayin after all that happynes the people who were in
    charg of it all not in the trench but sitting on there ass at home shot
    missiles or mortars at the solgers cuz the didnt want them to be friends.

  4. Christian Carion produced the film Joyeux Noel. Most of the AngloSaxon
    literature produced about WW1 would have you believe, apart from the French
    sounding names, that the French were not involved. Pas vrai, ils sont au
    milieu de la Fete de Noel, pour partager leur Champagne avec les écossaises
    et les allemandes. Match du foot? Probablement pas, une ballon presenté?

  5. It wasn’t until 1915 when we got the mark1 brodie helmets, before then we
    only had cloth caps, also its football…. 

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