23 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Predictions: Channeling Paul the Octopus — The Mixer

  1. ahahaha now I just LMFAO at this video …

    Lewandowski top scorer? NOT
    Ronaldo 0 goals? FAIL
    Germany wins the whole thing? BALOTELLI THINKS DIFFERENT
    France will go to the final? WELL … NOPE
    Spain won’t win cause winnin 3 consecutive major International tournaments has never been done? THEY DID IT!

  2. WOW Italy weren’t even mentioned and now there in the final against Spain, dreadful predictions

  3. ha ha holland as a favorite? they sucked so bad this tournament! And cristiano scored twice alredy dumb-asses.

  4. yep, i’m going to do baseball or ice hockey predictions for a living. but first i’ll try to understand those sports! maybe you guys shoud do the same… nevermind, one of them is a former USA international LOL

  5. so ugh yeah Portugal is in semis so ur perdiction is wrong bud plus cr7 got 2 goals against Netherlands hopefully Portugal can win the euro FTW no evence but your predictions is really bad Netherlands never one a game in the group of death Portugal proved u guys wrong GO PORTUGAL!!

  6. It’s awesome that we don’t even need to say anything. Portugal beat the crap out of Netherlands. And now your mouths are shut. So, stop talking about what you don’t know 🙂

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