25 thoughts on “Tribute to Germany World Cup Squad 2010: DIE NATIONALMANNSCHAFT

  1. German Games are always fun to watch, last Spain Games… well you could answer yourself.

  2. Why do you have to write such a peace of shit?You aren’t worth being fan of spain.No real fan, no player would think so.So what do you want?Is this the only thing in your life making you proud?

  3. Well, if you think so…. arrogance, but k.Senseless to discuss with you, you r to blind ^^

  4. Spanien spielt guten Fußball . Warum sollten sie den Risiko gehen wenn sie vorne sind ? Macht keinen Sinn .. 😉 Spanien sucht immer den Weg nach vorne , Deutschland würde es nicht anders machen .
    Wie gesagt , bin Deutscher , ich bin deswegen kein Spanien-Fan oder so .. aber man muss einfach mal akzeptieren , dass Spanien den heutigen Fußball prägt / geprägt hat . Sie spielen hervorragenden Fußball , deswegen sind sie und auch Barca so erfolgreich .

  5. they have clearly won germany only in 2008
    The team that actually would have deserved to win the wc was the netherlands
    Only pass the ball around all the time and score only a single goal in each game in the final round is just a plane boring

  6. Spanien hat sehr effektiv gespielt aber in der Finalrunde immer nur den Ball hin und her zu passen kann und immer nur ein einziges Tor zu schießen kann man nicht wirklich als schön erachten

  7. no they were way to afraid of spain …the game was awkward they played such great football all the matches before and this time it was really bad in my eyes …spain was the best team

  8. who gives the most assists my german friend?
    everyone knows özil is the play-maker in that team.. so who will give the ball to müller,podolski,klose,gomez to score .. kroos xD?
    ask anyone of germany’s oppoenets who they worry about the most .. im sure you know the answer… and it’s not swiney.

  9. yeah there are just schweinsteiger,müller,podolski and kroos around özil… man-mark him will fix all your problems….seriously it wont
    btw schweinsteiger kroos and özil are the brains and man-mark 3 players is impossible

  10. Spain was / is playing beautiful football to 😉
    Its the best football u can play , im German , but thats it .
    Spain deserved it to win the WC .

  11. spain won…. it doesnt matter how much you guys are going to discuss it
    victory stays victory

  12. you DO realize that before 2010, Spain had never even made a World Cup semi-final before? Germany has made TWELVE semi-finals (most all time more than Brazil), 7 Finals (same as Brazil) and Germany has played in two LESS World Cups than Brazil. Not to mention the most Euros (3) and Germany have been in 6 Euro Finals!! Spain are good, but they barely squeaked to that World Cup win while Germany blew the world away with beautiful football.

  13. lol after reading ur comment I realized that you have no idea of football :)) Go watch Basketball or something else xD Spain has never been as good as Germany! They only have one poor cup and that’s it.. Germany has a great football history and it’s very important, coz if there’s no history, there’s no future 🙂 So think about Spain creating its football history first and than think about being the best )

  14. England is Shit, and Argentina also. All the teams playin against Spain, had no shit 11 players in defense, so try to score 20 goals like that amigo! Germany will chicken out, playing us in attack mode, we would go right through them! So go with your winning bullshit somewhere else. Muller is too slow bud!

  15. Gotze will be an interesting one. Getting the ball from Gotze is very hard. As an Individual, he has the best ball control and passes in the national team right now. He basically walks the ball like a dog. He does not allow anybody take it. Any of his moves or passes, could lead to a good assist and a goal from one of the players. And Marco Reus is very fast. His shots are almost impossible to save. Muller never played against Spain though, it will be his first time.

  16. @onamissionforglory
    Die Spanier waren auch besser gegen die Schweiz und haben unglücklich verloren gegen ein Team was die ganze Zeit nur verteidigt hat. Und keines der Spiele die sie gewonnen haben war unverdient, am knappsten war es wohl noch gg Paraguay, da hast du Recht. Letztendlich muss man aber sagen, trotz der vielen Tore von Deutschland (was halt immer gut aussieht) war Spanien besser, denn die waren extrem gut defensiv und jedes Spiel kontrolliert.
    lg jon

  17. I disagree. Might be jealousy but I think Spain didnt deserve to win it all. They deservedly won against Germany, I have to admit that. But looking at their overall performance they could very well have gone out in the group stages already and were very lucky against Paraguay. I’m German and I do think that Spain was the better team generally and in the direct encounters of our countries. But judging from the passion throughout the cup I feel Germany would’ve deserved it more.

  18. Well, we’ll see. If you look only at Germany team, you can say that they earn the Championship. But Spanish team are World Champions and Euro Champions today. And there are another teams, like Netherlands, England,… It will be very interisting.

  19. this EuroCup will be very interresting but i think Germany earn this Cup because look the last jear´s 2nd 2002, 3th 2006, 2nd 2008, 3th 2010 i think now is the time for the German Nationalteam

  20. By the way, you are going to play against Portugal in Euro. Beware of Pepe.

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