Germany manager Joachim Loew has increased expectations of his team by saying that they should be contenders for the World Cup title in Brazil. After a few years of struggles, Germany returned to form under the management of Jurgen Klinsmann at the 2006 World Cup. Since the replacement of Klinsmann with Joachim Loew, they have been regularly contesting in the latter stages of the major tournaments like the World Cup and European championships. However, Loew has come under increasing pressure for his failure to win a major title despite going close.

Loew is aware that this German team are in danger of being branded as nearly men, which is in stark contrast to the previous generations. Germany used to be one of the most efficient teams in the past and this led to numerous title successes. Armed with players like Bastian Schweinsteiger and Toni Kroos, who have been influential for Bayern Munich this season, Loew says that Germany should be ready for title success in the summer. The nation will be having its fingers crossed about qualification from the group, which is one of the toughest.

Portugal, the United States, and Ghana will be the opponents in the group stages for Germany. Loew, though, says that the team has enough experience and quality to be able to get through it.

“Of course we are ready for the World Cup. Since the draw we are constantly thinking about the World Cup in Brazil, our entire focus lies on the players and on our team and on the process and the organisation. I think you have to differentiate a little. Of course it applies to the situation overall, but also the expectation of the fans, everybody’s ready to fight for the title we feel a great support in the country and an incredibly huge interest,” said Loew.