25 thoughts on “2006 FIFA World Cup Semifinal: Italy vs. Germany

  1. So I remember this well. I was sitting there watching it in my trailer in the military trailer park outside of Boston. I jumped up and started screaming and my 1 year old kid freaked out… he wouldn’t let me hold him for 3 days!

  2. you know how to spell it right bcause you hear that word all the time dont you?….. now die and r.i.p. …i dont want waste my time with cunts like you…. ciao

  3. We destroy brown skinned assholes. We kill bullies. If they are pissy nations, then they shouldn’t pick on the U.S. Simple fact.

  4. this is the most retarded comment ever!!!! what the fuck wars have to do with sport… what an utter imbecil you are….. Jesus

  5. If you say so, being such an expert historian and all that.
    Pity America cant win a war anymore, only picks on pissy nations that cant fight back.
    Even Serbia gave them a tough time. shot down some of their stealth planes.

  6. That’s horseshit. Complete lie. They are the sisters of the poor.  Italians are gutless faggots. Bitch

  7. The risorgimento. World war 1, Gilf war 1, gulf war 2. Iraq, Afghanistan.
    Italy won those or is involved in them.

  8. Germanys is better managed.
    But italy produces too. Germany produced Nazis. Far right extremists like the US republicans.

  9. This is the same thing of when a nigger fucks a beautiful white blonde! An historical revenge.

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