The German national team manager Joachim Loew has said that he feels that the players within the national team should improve a lot in terms of the maturity aspect if they are to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Germans have been one of the most impressive teams in recent seasons, but they have been unable to win a trophy to show for their work. They have come extremely close on numerous occasions since the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Patience has finally run out for the manager Joachim Loew after the semi-final defeat in the Euro 2012.

He was heavily criticised following the 4-4 draw with Sweden in a World Cup qualifying match. Now, the pressure on him has increased even more following the 0-0 draw with Netherlands. Germany looked extremely toothless in attack, which was extremely surprising given how they performed against Sweden just a few months ago. There were very little chances created during the match, but Joachim Loew could point to the numerous absentee from the usual squad. Most of the players had pulled out of this match due to injury and suspensions. As a result, the manager named a relatively new team for this match. He has said that they still have to mature in order to be considered as challengers for the title in Brazil.

“When we have stuck to our playing style, we had no problems. But when we came away from that, we ran into difficulties. This team has an awful lot of potential, but still needs to mature. I have already said that it makes a lot of sense to play a strong opponent. I have learnt a lot and when you are missing eight regulars, it’s a good opportunity to give others the chance to prove themselves at this level,” said Loew.

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