24 thoughts on “World leaders witness Chelsea’s historic win

  1. The england team isn’t very good at football I’m english and even I have to admit that. Germany ussually beats them.

  2. And afterwards David and Angie had appeasement sex.
    Angie laughed at his small willy and David got traumatised because he saw her naked.

    WW3 anyone?

  3. if fighting on the allied side makes you the “winner of wwII”, Brazil and Nicaragua have also won wwII. Yet this is not the topic. Whilst the US and USSR would have won without the contribution of Nicaragua and GB, GB and Nicaragua would not have won without the contribution of US and USSR. Get it?

  4. Not entirely because Britain was fighting on the Allied side with the USA and USSR against the Axis.

  5. really. nothing to do with his political attributes or his party manifesto your just going to vote for his party cuz he likes football. *palm* dumb arse.

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