18 thoughts on “World cup. Goal. Klose. Germany – England 1:0

  1. He is a great player, a great dribller. He just a cold blooded goal getter. He is a very huble, quiet dude, tjhats why people dont really appreciate him. I live in Germany. It was a big mistake Bayern Münich made to allow him be bought by Lazio. He scores with both feet, great goals and even greater goals with his head. He is the most complete , all round striker on this planet.

  2. LMAO, Klose destroyed better defenders than Terry or Upson. You obviously have not done any of your homework.

  3. Checkt Kloses Salto in Lazio Rom! Link: /watch?v=N5vn8zsHOY4


  4. Brilliant goal. Only a few players in the world could score a goal like that. Pure force of will and fearlessness, not to mention unbelievable foot/eye coordination. To track a ball in the air like that, and then get yourself in a position to poke it in with your outstretched foot with not an inch to spare in just crazy. I don’t think it reflects badly on the defender.

  5. LOL now THAT is hilarious. Dude, Klose is the 2nd best goal scorer in World Cup history. He’s there because he FIGHTS harder than anyone else for those goals. He’s not even that great of a player.. but his heart and knowing where to be at the right time is why he’s now a legend.

  6. English fans have MORE EXCUSES than any nation on earth. Face it guys.. it DOES NOT MATTER if Lampard’s goal counted, etc etc.  England were COMPLETELY OUTCLASSED that day and the whole world knows it. Germany were the best team in the whole tournament, scored the most goals. Had best young player, top scorer Thomas Mueller not been suspended on a complete B.S. call and miss the game vs Spain, I think Germany could have won it all. Losing the top scorer in a game like that was HUGE.

  7. pretty lame excuses. look at that, it was a goal kick from Neuer, nobody goes to the ball and before the english defenders check whats going on Klose was through. bla bla bla ball’s blame MY ASS

  8. From an Arsenal fan – Terry and Upson would never have got caught out like that if using a normal ball; as proof, this has never happened to either of them during the countless Premiership seasons they have played between them, with a stitched ball.
    Death to the Jabulani! Use a normal ball in World Cups and European Championships FIFA and UEFA respectively, then watch the quality of the football soar!

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