25 thoughts on “World Cup 2010: Germany VS England 4:1

  1. 1:04 look at the guy behind the mangers with his arms up. his face is hilarious as he realises the goal isnt allowed

  2. We wasn’t losing the war though was we? we never got captured by germany because our Airforce and Navy were to strong.

  3. Actually England was losing until USA and Russia showed up… so shut the fuck up shithead… kill yourself

  4. @akkster90 stupid prick if you really were english u would show some pride, if lampards goal was allowed they would of tryed harder you dont deserve to be fucking english

  5. germany bunch of cheating wankers lampards shot was well in a beauty too, if we had joe hart in goal instead of shitty james it would be a different story

  6. It could of changed the match that England would of been 2-2 with Germany but because of lampards goal England lost hope and Germany were the better team

  7. What the fuck has this game got to do with the war? Nothing! You guys are just sore losers.

  8. I’m English but I hate the English team so I support Germany and have done since euro 96 when I was 11

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