25 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2012 Preview! – Who’s Winning the Tournament?

  1. Jimmy Conrad,,your a dumbass!!Netherlands lost all 3 games and Spain are champions once again!!Don’t you feel stupid AF!

  2. Please JR, tell your friend to watch more football. Tell him about coming to Europe and see matches every 3 days so he can learn a bit how this sport goes. Cheers from Spanish late night fiesta!!.

  3. Fuck Spain,fuck you asshole neighboors. I’m kiddin’ we’re not enemies anymore, hermanos. I do want Italy to win, though. Hey, can’t stop the rivalry, it’s one of the oldest after all, ours.

  4. @ 1:20 Netherlands will hit it up to the finals, they lost all 3 matches lol, btw I am from the Netherlands 😛

  5. Hi I just wanted to let you know that there is no need for the article “the” in front of the name of the country, Ukraine. It’s simply called Ukraine not “The” Ukraine.
    Here is an article about it.


  6. In recent time, some Western countries released very unfair, biased and false materials about the host countries. Polish society is very friendly and hospitable, and everyone is welcomed here. Just come to Poland to experience it or watch Jimmy’s videos!

  7. It’s the same with Czech. Petr Cech has lost a step in Chelsea, but now Czech got thrashed by Russia 1-4! OUCH!

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