6 thoughts on “Party time in Berlin as Germany overwhelm Brazil in 7-1 World Cup defeat

  1. Brazil got in the semis only by luck luck luck and luck but when you play
    against Germany luck is not enough ,too bad Brazil scored they didn’t
    deserve it

  2. German team is mostly German unlike other European teams that should be
    playing for Africa.

  3. Historisches Spiel!!! Deutschland siegt wie immer! Leider, Brazil konnte
    nichts aufs Feld tun. You have to feel sorry for Brazil but they were never
    a match for the power of the german team. Sad for Brazil because all they
    have is fussball. For us, fussball is just another endeavor Germany excells
    at. Now, to win the cup on Sunday. Der Sieg wird unser sein!

  4. The announcer sounds like she was displaying a serious amount of sarcasm
    and discontent….. they’re so mad

  5. Lest fools forget, all teams have ups and downs and last time I checked
    Brazil had won the cup FIVE times. More than anyone else. Every dynasty has
    its disasters. Good luck Brazil! I felt your pain

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