25 thoughts on “Layla Reacts to Brazil Loss | Layla’s World Cup

  1. Now a whole nation feels the pain of Arsenal fans after the 30 min of the
    game against Liverpool….

  2. I don’t know how the fuck you go from Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo to
    fucking Jo and Fred.

  3. Tears for Layla, tears for the nation. Sorry to see you go out, especially
    in that way. Didn’t like seeing out Chelsea boys so upset, Oscar especially
    (although Luiz has moved on), but impressed with Schurrle and that second
    finish was mind boggling. Do that in a blue shirt Andre!! On to tomorrow’s

  4. Brasil shouldve lost with Dignity against Chile or Colombia but instead
    Fifa had to help them to a semi final because they needed Brasil to play 7
    games… And when the help stopped… They got RAPED!!!!!! DIVINE
    JUSTICE!!!! Worst loss in Brasil History… Worst loss by a Host in World
    Cup history… Klose breaks Fat Ronaldo’s record in Brasil against
    Brasil… And now… No matter what teams wins the WC… it will be a slap
    in the face for Brasil… If either Germany or Holland win then they break
    the South American Hold on WC’s in the America’s… If Argentina wins then
    Brasil’s biggest rival wins on their turf…


  5. It’s ok Layla, in football you win some and you lose some. Today just
    wasn’t Brazil’s day. Don’t worry Brazil will come back with new and younger
    Peles and Ronaldos. After all Brazil is the land of football right? 

  6. Brace yourselves Argentina, the Dutch are coming. Germany vs Holland in the
    final, European classico. 

  7. Brazil would’ve put up a better game if Thiago silva didn’t get a yellow ,
    they should’ve put dani Alves in ! , and if only they could’ve made a
    better decision on their squad like Fred and Hulk disappointed in the WC ,
    I would’ve pick Pato and robinho sadly they didn’t and pick FRED and maybe
    Diego costa would’ve done better with them but who cares , Brazil had a
    good run and I feel bad for all the fans especially Layla !! 

  8. My heart is broken… There are no words to describe this. I was taught to
    cheer for Brazil before the 94 World Cup by my Kenyan uncle. He told me
    that even though they were dirt poor like most of my family, they still
    played the best football on the planet. To see the Samba stop in any
    tournament is tough. To see it die like this is unbearable. 

  9. they would have got destroyed even with silva and neymar germany is the
    first test for brazil in this world cup all their other games they were
    expexted to win and should’ve won and germany just outclassed them and
    never even broke a sweat

  10. Why do people support nations they are not from or live in. Not talking
    about anyone in specific but I don’t understand it that’s the point of the
    World Cup is to support your nation

  11. If anyone here watches the Brazilian league (which I doubt many do) you
    would know that Alan Kardec should have been chosen in front of Fred.
    Kardec was in great form and would have preformed much better than Fred’s
    piss poor performances. 

  12. What the fuck is she going on about? Upset? Yeah fucking right! Anyone (not
    a biased brazil fan) knew Germany was going to win.

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