24 thoughts on “Italy vs Germany 1-2 Semi Final (EURO 2012) [Jun.28 2012]

  1. Italians are short, dark-skinned and beak-nosed. They look like North Africans, Arabs, Turks, Jews, and even Pakistanis. Check out Buffon or Chiellini.


  3. Seems like you know more about Turkish kebob than I do, faggot! Why don’t you go suck their dicks? Geographically, you’re closer to them, cock lover. Next time, bring proof to your arguments. Now go hang yourself, faggot.

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  5. I know exactly what you said, but you’re not understanding what I am saying. I said: ‘The Americans landed at Normandy by amphibious vehicles and by parachute. Therefore, they had already landed in Europe after breaking through the obstacles at Normandy. Do you understand me now?

  6. “Half way back to Berlin” Thats what I said. They hadnt reached Berlin, but they had pushed the Germans half way back from their furthest front line.


  8. True in a way what you’re saying. The Soviets entered Berlin first and did most of the fighting that day, but the rest of the Allies also went in later and assisted them. The Americans did land at Normandy, therefore they were already on European soil.

  9. Not really. The Soivets had pushed back the German line half way back to Berlin before any American set foot on European soil. The only thing that they stopped was Stalin ‘liberating’ the whole of Europe.

  10. Correction. In one of my posts I wrote: ‘The Soviets needed the help of the Brits and USA to liberate your little bread-eating, wine guzzling nation.’ I meant to say. ‘The Soviets needed the help of the Brits and USA to liberate German-controlled Europe.’

  11. Typical frenchy: conceited and full of himself. Your profile is like any other on YT, nothing special about it. I never mentioned Berlin or the Soviets. I said your little country was saved from the Germans thanks to the Americans who landed at Normandy that day. Didn’t they teach you that in school or are you trying to deny it? Learn your history better and don’t lie about your nationality. If you dislike Brits, why live in their country?

  12. german stupid people, just die in the field, they think they are special but they die like everyone.
    i Love italy. and only return to germany what they give to others.

  13. “Americans and English landed in Europe”

    1. It was the British not the English
    2. Britain is in Europe, so they didn’t land in Europe when they where already in it, they landed in France

    You should re-read your Geography

  14. I told you my blood is italian,it doesn’t mean ”i speak italian”.But your brain is so confused that you can’t figure it out once again.
    Americans and English landed in Europe on the 6th June 1944.The 3 years before,Russians were the only ones to fight back and repel the Nazis until Berlin.They reached Berlin in first and Hitler killed himself before any english got his ass up there.
    You should re-read your history bum.And don’t lick my profile,i know you like it but i would be nasty with you

  15. Hmm!! It sounds like you’re describing yourself. A lonely little frenchy looking for attention or perhaps a lonely little english boy claiming to be french-italian. Your profile says you’re in UK and your other posts are mostly in french and none in italian. You’re a little lying, tramp and uneducated. The Soviets needed the help of the Brits and USA to libereate your little bread-eating, wine guzzling nation. Learn more, silly boy.

  16. You don’t know where i’m currently living.The Europe has been liberated by Russians in WW2,you should know that and don’t get biased by your books.They reached Berlin in first and the war was over.
    If you like sucking up my private life,go on.I love bums who get brushed off by anybody out there and keep browsing their miserable life into the internet

  17. Sorry, tart, but I don’t speak frenchy. If you have something to say, say it so I understand. Don’t hide behind your ugly language, silly specimen. And when did I say I was english or american. You should be grateful, frenchy that they liberated your poor nation in WW 2. If you hate the english so much, why are you living in their country?

  18. Since when sn english bum is bragging about his national team? How many years again will you be waiting for to win something?
    Je peux te causer comme ca aussi salope refoulee y’a pas de soucis si tu veux faire le mac avec moi.You got it tart?
    France has got plenty of spanish,portuguese,german or italian descendants.Not english or american fortunately

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