Gianni Infantino has requested people not to be harsh to FIFA just because of the perceptions.

The chief wants the work of the current regime to be taken into consideration and then, any judgement to be passed.
Recently, with a couple of members of an important FIFA committee resigning in their act of disapproval to the calls of the chairman, declaring him as bullish as the last chairman, the credibility of the game’s top organisation has been hit again.

One of those outgoing officials even also hinted that the proffered remuneration of the chairman had got him unhappy because of which he’s not treating some of the people in FIFA nicely.

But, Infantino reckons there are more important issues than his remuneration. As for his remuneration, like he has promised, it would be made known to people and he would not be taking as high an amount as the last person on the chair was taking.

The amount FIFA was handing on a yearly basis to Sepp Blatter was more than 3 million Dollars and what it is understood to have decided for its current chief is quite a bit less than that and there is no possibility of a bonus attached to it either. You could play on your mobile at Vegas Casino for a fair few hours on those wages!?

And, as per the officials who have come out speaking against him, the proposition has not had the supremo well pleased.

Infantino, though, through his statement, suggested that the salary was the last thing in his mind at the minute.
The Swiss was quoted as saying, “My opinion about the remuneration of mine is the same as it was when I came to office and that is to make it public. I would make certain it’s done after we get it finalized. But, the remuneration of the chairman isn’t one of the main issues FIFA is looking at.”