There have been more negative remarks being heard about Pep Guardiola from Germany of late than the positive ones and most of those remarks, surprisingly, have come from the players of the team he managed there which is Bayern Munich.

The most common complaint by the players is that he was never bothered about chatting with them and developing a personal relationship with them and each and every minute that he would get to spend off the field, he would use it thinking about his strategies only.

Recently, Dante, a Brazil international, was quoted saying, “Pep doesn’t like having any conversation with anyone and while being in his squad, you are always sort of uncertain about your position.”

“Some managers happen to be excellent with tactics and all and go on to be very, very successful as well, but, they are not the same as a person and one can say that for Guardiola.”

Dante though, a couple of days after his comments were published, posted on social media that he had no intention of criticizing his former manager at all and all he meant with those comments was that Guardiola does not say too many words outside the ground.

In the same post, Dante also expressed his respect for Guardiola saying he wouldn’t utter a word in the criticism of the Spain native ever as his football grew because of him. It would eb interesting to see how fast the tickets would sell on 1st4footballtickets if Bayern were drawn against Guardiola’s new club Manchester City in the Champion’s League.

However, Franck Ribery, another player who served Bayern in Guardiola age, has a different take on his nature as he reckons the 45-year old actually speaks more than he should speak and at times makes Football look quite complicated which it is not.

Well, Dante and Ribery might have different things to say about Guardiola’s nature, but, none of them sounded positive for sure regarding him, even though Dante tried to cover it up later.