15 thoughts on “Germany Euro 2012 jersey review

  1. The absolute real one Ozil wore at Euro 2012 had everything printed, not stitched; for lightweight reasons and so he can’t feel any weird patches rubbing against him. Also the Euro patches were blue and circular. Only the Euro Quals came in a badge. And the #s are supposed to have stripes. I would know cause I have it. But if you wanted to even get a REAL jersey, it would cost around $1,000. So I don’t blame this guy for even having a second grade one. I wouldnt spend 1K to impress you guys.

  2. i have both the Home and Away Euro 2012 Germany shirts from there official website and for a start on the home shirt the number printing is supposed to have stripes at the top and the Euro 2012 patch is circular on the real one anyway

  3. no he did not because the adidas logo is stiched and the one that players use does not have climacool insteds it says techfit also the 3 stripes in the shoulder are stiched if you have looked at the jerseys in the EURO games the adidas logo and the 3 stripes are printed in the jersey. (sorry for bad spelling)

  4. I haven’t seen any Jersey with the two patches on the sleeves, yet with the number and name of any player, i think he got a “real” Jersey, extacly the same players use, cause i’ve seen just the normal one it’s original though, but it doesn’t have those two patches and number and name

  5. Where did you buy this from? I can’t find any stores that do the name, number, and two patches on the sleeves

  6. Not what i meant…..i meant the away jersey has writing inside the jersey saying euro 2012 champs …..does the home have the same?

  7. @veetor4 the spanish jersey inside has 2008 winners and 1964 winners……..does germany have any thing inside that shows thier 3 euro victories?

  8. i ordered same item form tinydeal.com but live chat lady said they do not have emblems for adidas, the picture shows without the emblem on it, but do they come with emblem?? please reply

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