There are currently 634 Malaysian students studying in Germany, according to reports. However, the current Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak claims that the country might consider sending more of its student to the European giant for a lot of reasons.

The Prime Minister made the declaration in Berlin, saying: “I take the point that tuition fees are free in Germany and the only barrier is language and if you master a degree of proficiency in the German language, then sending students to Germany is very viable for us to consider.”

Abdul Razak said he would consider the possibility of more nationals in Germany. He spoke at a diner with fellow countrymen in the German capital in an event hosted by the Malaysian embassy. He praised the students in the country, saying they were doing the country proud in their respective fields of study.

“I am proud to know that you are doing well and I am proud to know that our students are doing well in Germany,” he said. Top dignitaries that were present include Abdul Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor, Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Mah Siew Keong, International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapha Mohamed, and the Ambassador to Germany Zulkifli Adnan.

Abdul Razak doubles as the finance minister of Malaysia. He encouraged his countrymen to imbibe the great qualities in Germans, citing discipline and strong will as examples. He admonished that the students bring back these values to the country.

“I can appreciate some of the traits that the Germans possess that have led them to be one of the most successful nations, among them, being very disciplined, focused and self-disciplined and having a sense of not giving up and also working as a team,” the Prime Minister added.

He said the German football team was a good example of strong team work, making it difficult to defeat them at competitions. He asked that the students studying there learn from the Germans as much as possible to become a stronger nation.