25 thoughts on “European football speaks German

  1. I live in Scotland uk our football is shit so is English football ,German
    football is so much better all the leagues have loads of goals it is so
    brilliant and the players in all the leagues are Awesome .Football in the
    Uk is so boring ,ages before any goals and in most games hardly any ,they
    say its competitive ,,,Bullshit ,they just are crap ,it is foreign players
    that win leagues in the UK ,Germany has the best club football in the world
    , i dont have a favorite German club they are all so good they all score
    goals ,thats what fans want and thats what i want to see .

  2. dude, such incidents happen everywhere , . you know turkey is among the top
    10 tourist destinations in the world, not because we are “racist” 🙂

  3. Lets get this straight bayern is made out of money not coaching. Dortmund
    don’t need money to be a team coz they have klopp. Back in 2010 and 11 and
    12 dortmund dominated germany but if bayern wouldent have money now then
    dortmund would just have another bundesliga in their pocket. But all I can
    say now is that money will not save bayern in the final coz dortmund will
    stab them in the back with the coaching that they have bayern will loose
    again just wait for it coz money will not give u glory

  4. Como siempre alguien escribiendo muladas. As always, someone speaking
    nonsense. Let HITLER AND ALL HIS SHIT, out of football and specially OUT OF

  5. moron! Germans are less racist then turkish. the called my daughter nigger
    in Istanbul on our Holidays we were refused Service in a Restaurant.
    turkish hospitality at it’s best

  6. Racist are all over the world where no schools are^^ Better go in a school,
    Hitler is dead, and with him the “Nazi Nation”, and it s already more then
    60 year now…i pity u for ur stupidity. Try to go to a School, learn read,
    and try something called “Book”^^

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