24 thoughts on “Euro 2012: Croatia first team charged by UEFA for racism over ‘banana throwing’ at Balotelli

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  9. At least blacks eat healthy foods like bananas. Borsche and other white crap has so many calories. No wonder whties have so much obesity.

  10. Didn’t know the Croats had money to pay for bananas. lol. Shouldn’t they save money since they’re so dirt poor there? Dumb commi jerks.

  11. Lol are you kidding me… There was no “Country” in America before Europeans came… It was just tribes that were constantly on the move searching for food, with out any boarders.

  12. Pff he was asking for it.. Don’t want people to throw a banana at you? Don’t put one on your head then -.-

  13. He was asking for it. The more word racism will be mentioned, the more bananas will be thrown on the fields. If they drag anti-Europe politics in sport, the fans will respond accordingly!

  14. no one died:). you have to admit he was asking for it – it wouldn’t have happened otherwise…

  15. i think there just little racism and about Balotelli he say he going to kill who throw a banana to him !!! i’m not so white and not so black but i say what really i see it i go england , croatia , poland , USA and next month ireland i don’t see any racism because i respect this people maybe you think me joke but i have a lot white friends so Balotelli he make people do racism .

  16. Please, facts! Last time I checked China owned Africans pride. Africans can only kill, no civilized thinking at all.

  17. and as well there is a lot of things on his chest because people think he is a “disgrace” to this sport, but in reality he isnt. he has a good sense of humor and likes to make it fun but people criticize him for that which makes him look like a bad/rude player but he isnt. but with all the criticism it would make anyone a bit agitated, which makes him do dumb things on (and SOMETIMES off) the pitch, but like i said i like him and his sense on humor and i feel really sad for how people treat him.

  18. so they threw a banana at him because hes stupid and in america (and just about all other countries) about 75% of “black” people leave school with no future (except for sports) , furthermore criticizing that since mario is a total dummy, since he is black he fits into that category pointing out the black people are quite stupid…quite a good flow chart, BUT there IS one more thing… he IS ITALIAN…so maybe ITALIANS are retards, but in all respect i like ballotelli, he is good at what he does.

  19. dont reply to that comment. It is posted on many videos and liked by multiple accounts of whoever keeps posting it. Its not even written in proper English and doesn’t make any clear or relevent points. It is a troll comment

  20. It does put them at risk. Just like European countries putting their companies in the middle east and pissing off Terrorist Group. And terrorist groups take their anger out on foreign civilians. Also sir im not black to let you know. Racists like you make social issues are tougher thing to society. Do you know what Genocide means? Whites did it all the time. South Africa, Native Americans, and in South America. Racism is everywhere. What your talking about is Anti-Peace.

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