24 thoughts on “ENGLAND V GERMANY – My LEGO 2010 World Cup Experience

  1. what makes me laugh is how people blame him for missing but it wasnt his fault the ball bounched of his foot over his head he couldnt of prevented it at all oh and a message to Mg42 if ur soooo good how come u didnt win hmm and u never ever will win

  2. Just glad that Team GB won so many gold medals in the Olympics and Paralympics.

    People of England. Why not just enjoy the victories of Team GB instead. It’s more fun that way. And we win something!

    Oh and it’s nice to see Scotish, English and Welsh athletes side by side kissing and biting thier medals on coaches waving to the cheering crowds.

    Compare that to disgraced overpaid football players greeted by booing crowds.

  3. Lampeter goal was so over the line
    Stupid ref upsons goal wasn’t bad
    Ps Mesut ozil looks like a fish

  4. Germany still would’ve won 4-2. They were the better team by a lot. And it was the referee’s decision, not Germany’s, to disallow Lampard’s goal. It’s not as if England would’ve won the world cup if it wasn’t for that mistake.

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