12 thoughts on “Brazil vs Germany Preview with Asmir Begovic | Day 26 | World Cup Show

  1. I reckon 1-0 to Brazil. Not convinced by either team so far. Actually, not
    really convinced by Argentina or Holland (apart from the demolition of
    Spain) either. In my opinion that’s why, in terms of the football at least,
    this could be the best World Cup ever!

  2. Asmir Begovic is so intelligent. I like his analysis. He
    predicted the result correctly partially. He got the Brazil part
    right: one !! Asmir said 2:1 for Germany. Turned out 7:1 for

  3. It’s funny to see that and read the comments after Brazil fall apart with
    1:7 and we became world Champions. ^^

  4. Bitch please its Brasil 0 : 6 Germany till now 😀 ( Bega parla engleski ko
    ga ne zna nebi nikad reko da je Bosanac 😀 )

  5. Begovic sure is is a scholar of the game! He must read The Guardian back
    pages while Stoke have the ball in the opposing end…

  6. Btw. Asmir has nothing to worry about his career after football. TV sport
    analyst is his for the taking. Great job Captain :)

  7. It will most definitely be interesting one to watch. Both teams have lot
    more to show and who ever controls the ball more will win the game. 1:0

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