21 thoughts on “1966 World Cup Final (Part 1) – England beat West Germany (Excellent HD/Colour Footage)

  1. The reason why this is in colour is because this is film footage. Proper film – which was available in colour, to be viewed in cinemas, but obviously not broadcast live. To broadcast live, they had to use tv cameras, which were black and white and not as good quality – so for the final, they did both. B&W TV cameras for TV, and colour film cameras for cinemas.

  2. “This is fake” LOLOLOLOL you fucking virgin, how do you fake a football match?!?!?!

  3. this is fake u didnt get color footage in 1966 the real one is black and white i saw it before

  4. i’ve never seen such clear footage of a game from this era. Thanks so much for posting!

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