Germany’s national team boss Joachim Loew was presented with the most prestigious award for any coach during a calendar year – FIFA World Coach of the Year – for his ability to lead Germany to World Cup success in Brazil.

Germany became the first team from Europe to win a major tournament in South America. They managed to get some impressive results along the way, but the 7-1 thrashing of Brazil still stands out from the crowd.Loew said after emerging successful that he expected Germany to dominate the international stage for at least 10 more years since they had a very young squad. Continue reading

“Her proclivity for such men indicates, if not an inferior level in larger ideas, at least a rather different sort of intellectual orientation than her father’s, which lowered the political milieu and calibre of discussion.”Whether or not this scepticism flows from hindsight isn’t clear. But it has allowed Dhar to look back on his years in the PMO with a critical eye. Particularly revealing is his assessment of the 1972 Simla accord.

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Thickly sliced in a sandwich or chunked in a salad, locally grown tomatoes need only a sprinkle of salt to enhance the flavor. The owner of Lena’s First Last Pizzaria on Park Street in Hartford says the summer heat does little to deter her customers from lapping up a steaming bowl of soup for lunch. In fact, her soups no matter what the season are her most popular lunch item, outselling, surprisingly, the restaurant’s pizza and grinders..

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It’s only one game the first regular season game for Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James playing together. It’s only one game for the new starting backcourt of Anthony Parker and Mo Williams. It’s also evident that when coach Mike Brown said the Cavs could use another week or two of practice, he was telling the truth and nothing but the truth..

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