Bayern Munich recently managed to secure the signing of Borussia Dortmund star Mario Gotze, as they start the preparations for the arrival of Guardiola in the summer. Gotze has been a Bayern Munich target for a long time now, but the club has been unable to sign him since the player has been rejecting any advances up until now. Now, they have managed to agree personal terms with the 20-year-old, who is widely regarded as the best young talent in Germany right now.

They have also managed to capture his signature without connecting any negotiations with his club Dortmund since they activated his release clause of around £ 35 million. The move was announced ahead of the Champions league semi-final with Real Madrid, which is one of the biggest matches of the season. It is also especially important for Dortmund since they could reach the final of the competition after more than a decade. Germany national team manager Joachim Loew has expressed surprise at the timing of this announcement.

Dortmund manager Klopp has been calling for the fans to stay supportive of Gotze, as he still remains a Dortmund player with aspirations to beat Real Madrid. The club could face Bayern Munich in the final of the competition at Wembley.

“I was not surprised that a player is going to Bayern Munich. This is a top destination in the league, and I’m glad that Mario will remain in the Bundesliga. However, the timing of the announcement surprised me and I think that it was very questionable,” said Low after the announcement was made. Gotze had been linked with a move to several clubs including Arsenal and Manchester city in the last few months. He has had a brilliant season for Dortmund. The club are several points behind Bayern in the Bundesliga table.

I would wait and see if it does cause any problems before jumping to conclusions. Maybe it is just a store. I do believe if anyone joins something called “Hell’s Angels” that is well known to be affiliated with crime and that the police watch, that you aren’t just a ‘good law abiding person’ though.

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