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Germany were taking on France in a friendly match looking to build on the recent unbeaten form, which has taken the pressure off the manager Joachim Loew. After failing to win the last two major tournaments despite having extremely close, the manager has come under intense pressure of late. Results like the 4-4 draw with Sweden in which they threw away a four goal lead in the second half have also resulted in reports suggesting that he will be replaced if results do not improve. However, he faced one of the biggest tests of his managerial reign when Germany visited France looking for the first victory since 1987.

Things looked to have gone horribly wrong after the half-time break due to the fact that France managed to take the lead in the 44th minute. However, two goals in the second half but that Loew was able to rejoice a famous victory over one of Germany’s important rival. After the match, Loew said that it is always not easy to play in front of 75,000 fans supporting the opposition. He has said that the character of the team to come back from being a goal down in such situations is extremely remarkable. He has called for the team to build on this result.

“This was an important game for the development of my players and for the team as a whole. To play here in front of 75,000 fans against a team that has had some great results recently, and to come from behind to do so, was fantastic. Both teams played some good stuff, but we wanted to put in a performance and we were the better side over the 90 minutes,” said the German manager. Sami Khedira and Thomas Müller scored the goals for Germany in this amazing comeback victory.