The German national team manager Joachim Loew failed to criticise his players after the poor 3-1 defeat at the hands of Argentina in a friendly match. Germany were coming into the match with many rumours about the future of the manager Joachim Loew. Joachim Loew managed to guide Germany into the semifinals of a major tournament for the third consecutive tournament. However, he was unable to get them past the finishing line yet again after Germany fell at the hands of Italy in the semi-final of the Euro 2012. This has led to rumours suggesting that Germany will be looking for a replacement prior to the start of the World Cup qualification rounds.

The rumours intensified once more after Germany lost 3-1 at the hands of Argentina in a recent friendly match. However, the manager Joachim Loew has said that the red card issued to the goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler host the pivotal point in the match. He has said that Germany would not have lost the match had it not been for the red card. Ron-Robert Zieler received his marching orders after the hour mark. Despite the loss, Loew has said that he is satisfied with the performance of his players in the match.

“We started very well for 20 or 25 minutes and then the red card meant we were chasing the game. Then there was the own goal and it was difficult for us after that against class players like (Lionel) Messi, (Gonzalo) Higuain or (Angel) di Maria. We made a few tactical mistakes, but the players gave everything. It is hard to get at them early when you have a man less. We managed it in the first 20 minutes, but not afterwards,” said Joachim Loew after the match. Germany will be starting the World Cup qualifications against the Faroe Islands.

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