Joachim Loew’s record as Germany manager is impressive. Since taking the top job after the 2006 World Cup he has led them to second place in Euro 2008 and third in 2010’s World Cup. He goes into the European Championships this year with a guarantee of job security but the target is clear. The only way he will be able to further improve his reputation and to satisfy the German public is to bring home the trophy with victory in Kiev on July 1.

Germany qualified with 10 wins from 10 and go into the tournament as one of the favourites and many people’s tip to triumph in Eastern Europe. The pressure is on Loew though, having performed well in recent years the German’s are awaiting their first trophy since 1996. 16 years of hurt may not seem to bad for most nations, but for Germany 16 years is too long to wait for a trophy.

The President of the German FA, the DFB has fully backed both Loew and team manager Oliver Bierhoff describing them as “the best pair possible”. “they both do excellent jobs and so we see no reason to change a winning formula. If we suffer disappointment we are strong enough to stand up and face it”.

To get to the final Germany will have to get past both Fernando Torres‘s Spain and the Portugal side epitomised by Cristiano Ronaldo.

His record of 52 wins, 13 draws and 11 defeats in 76 internationals over the last six years compares favourably to Franz Beckenbauer and Berti Vogts who took Germany to World Cup glory in 1990 and European glory in 1996 respectively. Should Loew join them in attaining a major honour for his country he will no doubt be seen as one of the best they have ever had.

Going into the Euros they have been seen as one of the favourites for a long time, but defeat at home to France in February exposed some defensive problems that could be their undoing. One thing is for certain going into any major tournament though, don’t write the Germans off.

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